The Smart Grid Vision in the Wind Walk Development by Jim Floyd

The Wind Walk Challenge

February 2009 challenged by the Wind Walk Team to:

  • Develop an advanced and technologically innovative project that would last more than 100 years
  • Design and Build the most technologically advanced, innovative and superior systems for Wind  Walk – to be
  • “A Smart Community”
  • “Future-­‐Proof”  Wind Walk so that new technical  advancements could be easily added to the development as they become available
  • Seek strategic alliances with leading-­‐edge companies  that are actively developing new systems and processes to achieve Wind Walk’s vision
  • Bring advanced systems together to Wind Walk as a “Proof of Concept” development

“Future Proofing” Wind Walk

OUR VISION: Wind Walk homes and community will have these features:

  • Combined Heat and Power Systems
  • Micro-generation
  • Advanced Distribution Design
  • Community Energy Storage
  • Automated Demand Management
  • Smart Grids
  • Electric or Hybrid Vehicles
  • High Speed Communications


  • Wind Walk: ” At the leading edge of sustainable projects”
  • Wide array of new technology
  • Strategic corporate partnerships to provide technologies
  • Financially Sustainable (Repeatable and Profitable)
  • Value in environmentally responsible projects
  • Planned implementation of technology in all Phases
  • Large reduction  in  GHG emissions compared to standard
  • “Future Proof” Wind Walk design and construction
  • WIND WALK “The Smart Community”

To know more , see the presentation below: