The Alberta Center for Analytics Products by Stuart Lomas

A Proposal to Build the Alberta Analytics Industry

Alberta educates some of the world’s top experts in Artificial Intelligence and Analytics. When they graduate, every one of them leaves the province. - A senior U of Alberta researcher, 2010

For the past year, the Alberta Council of Technologies has promoted the idea of an Alberta Center for Analytics Products.

The goal is to encourage an Advanced Analytics Industry in Alberta.

  • Keep our world-leading graduates in Alberta
  • Benefit Alberta companies as suppliers and customers
  • Encourage new Analytics companies based in Alberta and serving the world.

 Taking Action

  • ACAP has been well publicized in Alberta’s innovation community and Alberta government.
  • ACAP could be part of a wider strategy to encourage Advanced Analytics in Alberta, similar
    to the Alberta Nano Strategy.
  • The next step is to develop a specific business plan for ACAP, in cooperation with government
    and in a strategic framework.

View the presentation below: