The 7 Deadly Sins Every GM Should Avoid by Marc Appleby –

Areas Covered

  • PowerScout research overview
  • The two major findings
  • The 7 deadly sins
  • A look at the Oilers this year
If we want players that help our team ‘win’, why don’t we measure them that way?- asked Terry

PowerScout analyzes hockey by focusing on the proven patterns for winning.

Using our key research findings, we create analytical and
technology solutions that help hockey managers & coaches at
every hockey level maximize assets and build winning teams.

  • Research by retired economist Terry Appleby
  •  Over 30 years of statistics research into hockey
  •  Over 14 years studying winning NHL teams
  •  20-yr member of Society of American Baseball Research

Sin #1:

Overestimating the difference in value between average and top-tier goalies

Sin #6:

Overestimating the effectiveness of building a team’s attack through the wing position

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