Search Appliances for Big Data by Davood Rafiei

Atlas Detector

Atlas detector at CERN – 23 PB per second raw data – 10 PB per year filtered data, – Used by more than 150 universities and labs


Our Four Appliances

  • ReputaPon gauge (TOPIC,2000)
  • Network visualizaPon (ALVIN,2005)
  • Data extracPon (DeWild, 2007)
  • Result diversificaPon (Diver,2010)


  • Covered
  • Big (everyone’s) data
    • Four tools
    • TOPIC
    • ALVIN
    • DeWild
    • Diver
  • Surge in interest in big data
    • Obama’s big data initiative
    • This conference!
  • Search is far from being solved
    • And our quest for holy grail continues
  • No shortage of problems
  • Want to make sense of your big data
    • We sure can help!

See the Whole  Presentation in PDF below: