Migrating to the Hadoop Ecosystem by Eleni Srtoulia


  • Background
    – Why?
  • PaaS with “the Hadoop Ecosystem”:
  • HDFS,Hadoop,and HBase
    – What?
  • The TAPoR Migration
    – How?
  • Closing Remarks


Big Data… Cheap Hardware…

  • Data is growing at an unprecedented rate
    • More people use the web and publish data
      • The Internet Usage around the world:   in 2000: 360m; in 2011: 2billion (1/3 of earth population)
      • Facebook, in 2009 uploading 60 TB images every week
    • Things are on the Internet
      •  A jet engine produces 10TB data every 30 flight mins
  • Commodity hardware is cheap
  • Owning and maintaining hardware is expensive

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