Enabling Remote Visualization of Big Data with PureWeb® by Cameron Kiddle

PureWeb ties into your software so it can be accessed on new interfaces on any device

Challenges in Data Visualization

    • Growing volume of data
    • Movement of data
    • Security
    • Limitations of end user hardware
    • Application portability
    • Accessibility
    • Collaboration

Features and Benefits

  • Web Enablement
    • Remote access to your application over the Internet
  • Mobility
    • Access to your application from multiple platforms including mobile devices
  • Collaboration
    • Multiple users in different locations can view and interact with the same application instance at the same time
  • Preserve Business Logic
    • PureWeb works with your existing application. No need to rewrite it.
  • Security
    • No direct client access to data
    • No persistence of data on client devices
    • Data stays where it is today
  • High Performance
    • Minimize latency to preserve interactive feel of remoted applications
  • High Fidelity Image Transfer
    • Suitable for high-end data visualization including medical review, diagnosis, gaming, engineering, virtual retail, life sciences, video, etc.
    • FDA cleared compression techniques (JPEG) natively supported by all client platforms
  • High Degree of Abstraction
    • Shield programmer from communication and network concepts
    • Shield application from differences in client capabilities
    • Lightweight transformation APIs minimize impact on existing applications


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