Ecosystem Services and Conservation Offsets-Carol Bettac

The benefits that people obtain from the environment (Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, 2005)

Alberta’s History

  • Dramatic change in its landscapes
  • Energy, forestry, agriculture and urban development
  • Competition for land  and resources between sectors
  • Environmental challenges – limits are being approached; reputation
  • Water quality, habitat loss and fragmentation of the landscape; greenhouse gases
  • Social license to operate
  • Biodiversity, water, and green house gases new drivers of innovation and competitiveness

Alberta’s Policy

  • Land Use Framework 2008
  • Enables development and use of conservation and stewardship tools, including market based instruments
  • Conservation offsets, transfer of development credits
  • Water for Life 2008
  • Guides water allocation and management
  • Provincial Energy Strategy 2008
  • Global energy leader, recognized s a responsible world class energy supplier

Two Projects

  • Alberta’s Bio Resource Information Management System
    • Silvacomand Green Analytics
  • Ecosystem Services Assessment
    • Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute
  • Collaborators:
    • Alberta Innovates
    • Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency
    • Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute
    • Silvacomand Green Analytics
    • MiistakisInstitute
    • Government of Alberta

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