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Data seen as cost-saver

We need to use information to become more efficient and less wasteful. There are all sorts of levels you can do that at, from design to planning to construction to manufacturing.

Construction industry, tagged as being particularly wasteful, could see billions in savings through analytics, engineer says Construction industry leaders think the sector needs to cut waste, and that analytics will make it happen.

“We are a wasteful industry,” said Darlene La Truce, executive vice-president of the Edmonton Construction Association, pointing to the amount of wood a typical framer throws away while building a house.

“We’re not productive. We need all the help we can get.”

Building a single-family home can create as much as 50 tonnes of
carbon-dioxide emissions, says Mohamed Al-Hussein, a professor of
construction and engineering management at the University of Alberta,
who agrees with La Truce: “This industry is the most wasteful industry you could have.”


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