CyberSKA – A Collaborative Platform by Rob Simmonds

CyberSKA – A Collaborative Platform for Data Intensive Radio Astronomy

CyberSKA started by establishing cyberinfrastructure to support current largescale astrophysical data needs generated by GALFACTS, PALFA and other high data volume SKA Pathfinder projects


  •  Motivation / Overview
  •  Participants / Industry Partners
  •  Architecture
  •  Current Status and Services
  •  Usage
  •  Current Work and Next Steps
  •  Summary


  • CyberSKA environment could support a range of projects collaborating on big data
    • Social networking tools, distributed data management, server side sharable visualization, data processing/analytics engine and 3ed party app support
  • CyberSKA portal tailored to the needs of radio astronomy
    • Specific tools to support surveys and image cube visualization
  • Portal currently supporting SKA pathfinder projects

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