Big Data and the Square Kilometre Array by Russ Taylor

SKA Technology Innovations

  • Large collecting Area
  • Large field-of-view technology
  • Large bandwidth
  • Power consumption
  • Massive Data

The beginning of a distributed global SKA  big data network

  • data management and processing
  •  data mining, visualiza-on and analytics

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webdata :

CyberSKA – A Collaborative Platform by Rob Simmonds

CyberSKA – A Collaborative Platform for Data Intensive Radio Astronomy

CyberSKA started by establishing cyberinfrastructure to support current largescale astrophysical data needs generated by GALFACTS, PALFA and other high data volume SKA Pathfinder projects


  •  Motivation / Overview
  •  Participants / Industry Partners
  •  Architecture
  •  Current Status and Services
  •  Usage
  •  Current Work and Next Steps
  •  Summary


  • CyberSKA environment could support a range of projects collaborating on big data
    • Social networking tools, distributed data management, server side sharable visualization, data processing/analytics engine and 3ed party app support
  • CyberSKA portal tailored to the needs of radio astronomy
    • Specific tools to support surveys and image cube visualization
  • Portal currently supporting SKA pathfinder projects

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Enabling Remote Visualization of Big Data with PureWeb® by Cameron Kiddle

PureWeb ties into your software so it can be accessed on new interfaces on any device

Challenges in Data Visualization

    • Growing volume of data
    • Movement of data
    • Security
    • Limitations of end user hardware
    • Application portability
    • Accessibility
    • Collaboration

Features and Benefits

  • Web Enablement
    • Remote access to your application over the Internet
  • Mobility
    • Access to your application from multiple platforms including mobile devices
  • Collaboration
    • Multiple users in different locations can view and interact with the same application instance at the same time
  • Preserve Business Logic
    • PureWeb works with your existing application. No need to rewrite it.
  • Security
    • No direct client access to data
    • No persistence of data on client devices
    • Data stays where it is today
  • High Performance
    • Minimize latency to preserve interactive feel of remoted applications
  • High Fidelity Image Transfer
    • Suitable for high-end data visualization including medical review, diagnosis, gaming, engineering, virtual retail, life sciences, video, etc.
    • FDA cleared compression techniques (JPEG) natively supported by all client platforms
  • High Degree of Abstraction
    • Shield programmer from communication and network concepts
    • Shield application from differences in client capabilities
    • Lightweight transformation APIs minimize impact on existing applications


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