Yield Management as A Process Governed by Data Mining in the auto Industry by Ayman Ammoura

Yield management is the process of understanding, anticipating and influencing consumer behavior in order to maximize yield or profits. -Wikipedia


  • Introducing main concepts
  • Applying our science and technology to a Canadian small business
  • Mining on The Revenue Side – Rates
  • Mining on The Expense Side – Insurance
  • Sharing success stories
Data mining is a process of extracting previously unknown, valid, and actionable information.

The presentation is viewable below:

Offer Targeting in Financial Services by Tom Peters

Leveraging A Big Data Clustering Strategy

Pursuing five analytics domains that are most relevant to the industries and clients we serve.

  • Advisory Analytics
  • Transformation Analytics
  • Managed Analytics
  • Subscription Analytics

Our delivery model across domains

  1. Customer Analytics – Reveue and and Margin Managemet
  2. Supply Chain Analytics – Reducing Cost and improving efficiency
  3. Financial Analytics- Corporate health and performance
  4. Workforce Analytics – Employee loyalty and productivity enhancement
  5. Risk & Regulatory Analytics – Risk reduction and regulatory compliance

See the full presentation below: