Health Data System Dilemmas by Randy Duguay

The main dilemmas in health care will require addressing these areas of need to help enable care providers in providing patient-centric care


  • Top Issues in Health
  • Patient-centric Care & Transformative Health Services
  • Emerging Solutions
    • Healthcare in the Clouds
    • Health Analytics & BI
    • mHealth
    • Consumer Health
  • Concluding discussion
    • Is Access to private/ personal- ized health information a threat or an opportunity?

Medication Errors and Non-Compliance

  • 40 percent of hand-written prescriptions have errors
  • up to 50 percent of patients do not take their medication properly
  • 20 percent of prescriptions are not filled

Performance Management

  • Unfortunately Canada is behind in some areas:
    • Pay-for-Performance – controversial subject
    • National spending on healthcare has experienced an 8 percent annual growth on average in the last decade
    • By 2030 healthcare spending could absorb 4/5 of Ontario’s budget
  • The Answer: Analytics / Business Intelligence Solutions
    • Need to be able to analyze public health trends as well as hospital and physician performance and implement pay-per-for-performance strategies based on identified and agreed-to key performance indicators.
  • It is already working in:
    • The UK
    • The Netherlands
    • The United States

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