SmartGrid Applications – Introducing Change in a Conservative Industry by Rick Cowburn


  •   Two case studies introducing analytics to the electric power industry
  •   Based on 30 years of senior level experience
  •   Taking advantage of structural change to change the industry paradigms

False Hopes for ‘Smart Grid’

  •   IF price changes too rapidly for Demand response
  • THEN Demand response is impractical
  • HENCE Demand-side analytics are an autopsy
  •  Advanced metering is dead in Alberta for economic reasons

Unwanted Opportunities

  •  If you have a 20 year old house, it is served by a 20 year old distribution system
  •  Why does your distribution bill go UP every year ?
    •  Because you are subsidizing the distribution systems in the new parts of town, thank you very much
  •  Why do we have this lunatic cross-subsidization ?
    •  Because utilities didn’t have data to do it any other way
    •  HAD to average costs across the whole service area

Truth Advances One Funeral at a Time

Anew scientific idea does not triumph by convincing its opponents who declare themselves enlightened – Rather its opponents gradually die out, and the upcoming generation grows to trust its truth right from the beginning Max Planck, 1933

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Making Cities Smarter by John Longbottom

The best leaders create opportunities from today’s harsh realities

A Smarter City is one that increases prosperity by…

  • Using information to make insightful decisions
  • Predicting problems to resolve them proactively
  • Coordinating its resources to operate effectively


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