From Ambulances to Ward Boundaries by Dan Haight

Analytics: Combining math, data, and computers to improve insight and efficiency

Ward Criteria

  • Geographical

    • Contiguity
    • Compactness
    • Natural boundaries
  • Socio-political

    • Population equality (±10%)
    • Electoral equality (±25%)
    • Groups of interest (community leagues, socio-demographics)
    • Similarity to existing solution

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Municipal Analytics in Action by Corey Wentzell & Joy Beveridge

Early Stage Analytics

•Analytics in any form is intended to be as close to just-in-time information that dramatically helps to inform decision makers.
•To make better, faster and more consistently outstanding decisions for the benefit of municipalities and their residents.

Large Scale Municipal Analytics

•One of the most comprehensive models of large scale municipal analytic installations is in the City of Baltimore
•The Baltimore model is called CitiStat. Recognized as one of the most innovative models in the world.
•Other cities (NYC) are beginning to replicate the model.
•It is highly adaptable for customization based on local preferences and needs.