Approaching Real-time Business Intelligence – Trading at the Speed of Light by Sean McClure –

Defining “Real-Time”

Three types of latency:
  • Data latency: time taken to collect and store the data;
  • Analysis latency: time taken to analyze the data and turn it into actionable information; and
  • Action latency: the time taken to react to the information and take action.

Approaching “zero” latency

  • Real-time business intelligence technologies are designed to reduce all three latencies as close to zero as possible;
  • Traditional BI only seeks to reduce data latency.


  • Introducing Excellerate
  • Real-Time BI and HFT
  • Information at High Frequency
  • Strategies at High Frequency
  • Developing and Deploying Models
  • Executing and Monitoring Real-Time Systems

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Perfect timing by Mike Kouritzin

The only

  1. Constant is change –Heraclitus of Ephesus (535 BC -475 BC)
  2. Market consistency is volatility
  3. Sure non-winning strategy is buy and hold
  4. Way to win is to throw your money around

Volatility is Good

  • Markets become irrational -Mispricing
  • Computer Trading –Faster Decisions not Better
  • Goal: Be Prepared –Fast and Smart


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