Environmental Monitoring Data by Ray Keller

The Story So Far – Current Challenges

  •  Background
  • Monitoring Program – Business Drivers
  •  Data management challenges
  •  Data vs. information vs. knowledge, etc.
  •  Where is the data? What is the issue?

Implementing the Data Management Framework – Future

  • Addressing the data and data management challenges
  • Steps towards an integrated data management system
  • Development of an Enterprise wide Data Management Strategy

 What does all this mean to data and data analytics for the environment?

  • Common data framework is required to:
    • Move data from the unique to the shared – concept of core data
    • Must be collaborative
    • Must deal with complexity of security and traceability – science
    • Data quality issues
    • Data needs to be available in the open domain
  • Large change in culture will be required
    • Scientific focus
    • Tension will be between being “open” and “exclusive”

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