ABDC – Perry Kinkaide – Closing Remarks, Analytics, Big Data, and The Cloud

Perry Kinkaide


An interview with Perry Kinkaide,Conference Chair 2012 -Analytics, Big Data, and The Cloud by Host Rod Hislop.

Perry Kinkaide is the founder, President and CEO of Alberta Council of Technologies &
President of Kinkaide Enterprises Inc. (KEI)


The convention chair made some very positive remarks. To mention a few:

  • The conference was a success, it met the expectation of the organizing committee and it exceeded the expectations of the participants whether they came from India, Israel, USA or across Canada.
  • That at in particular the people in Alberta felt that they have done something original worth a doing again.
  • The event is perceived to be significant  by the attendees that they believe they would continue to join the same event the coming years.
  • It is something to look forward in advancing the analytics industry in Alberta.
  • It is said to have developed a constituency among professionals in the field and has a mission to resolve chaos in the field that is very fast changing and many other issues

Learn more and see for yourself what the conference chair had said  about the successful event .

See the video of the interview below:

Analytics, Big Data, and The Cloud conference 2012 co-hosted by the Alberta Council of Technologies, Athabasca University, and the University of Alberta’s School of Business.