ABDC – Michal Levy, Yissum Inc. – Analytics, Big Data, and The Cloud



An interview with Michal Levy, Director, Business Development, Agri-Tech & Veterinary for Yissum Inc. by host Rod Hislop.

Michal Levy  is a keynote speaker on “Leading Innovation in Agriculture – The Story of Israel and Hebrew University”  during day 1  Analytics, Big Data, and The Cloud

Michal Levy is the  Director, Business Development Agri-Tech & Veterinary for Yissum Inc.

She joined Yissum in 2011 and focuses on licensing agriculture and veterinary technologies. Yissum Inc. is a private company owned by the Hebrew University in Israel. She currently serves as the Deputy Mayor of Oranit (voluntarily)and a  board member of the Oranit Municipal Financial Corporation.


She is not  talking  about analytics in this conference, but she  shared more  about technology transfer and bridging the gap between the academe and the industry.

Learn what significant concept she shared in the conference. See the whole interview below:

Analytics, Big Data, and The Cloud conference 2012 co-hosted by the Alberta Council of Technologies, Athabasca University, and the University of Alberta’s School of Business.