ABDC – Graham Irving, Storage Clarity – Analytics, Big Data, and The Cloud

Graham Irving



A Interview with Graham Irving, President of Storage Clarity -by host : Rod Hislop


Graham Irving is the speaker on “Big Data – Life Cycle Management & Challenges.”, Analytics, Big Data, and The Cloud.


Graham Irving is the founder and President of Storage Clarity and a Cloud storage industry veteran with more than thirty years of experience in data archiving, data compliancy and cloud computing. Prior to Storage Clarity, Graham Irving held senior positions at El Fresko Technologies, K-PAR Archiving Software, Titan Digital Corporation and INSTAR Corporation. Graham has been a member of several ICT industry associations, boards and panels, including the American National Standards Organization Optical Disk Committees and OSTA.


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Analytics, Big Data, and The Cloud conference 2012 co-hosted by the Alberta Council of Technologies, Athabasca University, and the University of Alberta’s School of Business.