Google And Social Media Analytics

Social media started as an animal of its own. Companies were used to analyzing website statistics such as page views, total views, and bounce rate; however, with social media booming companies have found it harder and harder to truly analyze the effectiveness of their social media campaigns.

Now enters Google’s new social analytics feature. Google recently rolled out this feature on is standard Google Analytics dashboard. It is located under the tab standard reporting tab and provides a look at social media interactions with your page. Google’s new social analytics feature will give companies a glimpse at whether their social media efforts are working like never before.

Google has created a tool that makes it easy to see how many visitors are coming from social media outlets as well as conversion rates of interactions. “This is really good for people who don’t know how social media is impacting their sites,” said Jonathon Allen, director of Search Engine Watch. “You can track conversions and attribute them to social media.” This is something that many companies have been struggling with. Google’s new social media analytics tool may be the answer to some of the questions regarding how to truly determine if your social media efforts are paying off.

In addition, Google introduced a new service, Social Data Hub, which enables marketers to see which URLs were shared across social networks, as well as comments and conversations connected to those URLs, matching users to sharing events. This will allow companies to have a clearer picture of their social media presence. They can determine a little easier what outlets are working and which aren’t.

This platform will allow companies to allocate more time to what is working and less to what isn’t. They can also see what isn’t working and determine if a new strategy needs to be discussed. Google is still working out some major issues. For example, the current analytics tool does not take into account views from vendors such as Hootsuite and TweetDeck. This can leave out a significant reach of customers. Therefore, like with anything, this insight should be viewed along with other data.

This is a huge step though or the social media world and I look forward to seeing how the statistics hold up over time.

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