Storage Moving To The Cloud

More and more companies are slowly moving all or part of their storage systems from traditional SAN or NAS storage to cloud based storage options. Companies are becoming more receptive to the idea of cloud based storage and companies are enthusiastically jumping on board.

The main concern that many companies have is over security. We always feel that something close to use is safer. In fact,  InformationWeek, recently published a research paper, Research: State of Storage 2012, that touches on many of the concerns surrounding both SAN and cloud-based storage solutions. The author, Kurt Marko, states that 79% of 313 survey respondents still have major concerns about security with cloud based storage services, while 52% (down slightly from 55% for 2011) have reliability and availability concerns.

However, this is only a tiny bit of the story. Companies are getting very used to the idea of using cloud storage for archive purposes, effectively building a hybrid approach, which values SAN for high-speed tier 1 access and cloud storage for everything else. As companies switch their archived documents and tier 2  documents to the cloud, they will start feeling more and more secure with the process. If the cloud works efficiently for them in these areas they will be much more likely to switch their tier 1 documents to the cloud as well.

So where does this leave the SAN and NAS storage companies? The Networking computing site brings up some great points in this area, most purveyors of cloud technologies, storage included, rely on SAN technology in their own data centers, simply shifting the SAN market from the enterprise to the service provider. However, the days of onsite SANs may still be numbered, caused by the migration of other technologies and services into the cloud. The real question here for IT pros and SAN vendors should actually be, how deep will businesses dive into the cloud?

These are legitimate questions for those involved in the cloud or SAN/NAS fields. What does the future hold for data storage?

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