The Network and IT Move to Forefront in Urban Development

City leaders, planners, and developers are shifting their core focus to IT and communications technology. Community leaders are realizing that keeping your current residents, recruiting new residents, recruiting big business, and fostering tourism are more important than ever before. To reach these goals a city needs to be economically, socially, and environmentally stable. This is where IT and networking can come into play.

CISCO and its certified partners are at the center of these urban planning activities by providing these much needed services. CISCO’s Smart+Connected Communities(S+CC) program helps transform physical communities into connected communities.  A Smart+Connected Community is designed with technology at the center to improve the efficient management of city operations, and the development and delivery of new services to citizens.

“The ability for cities to use technology to transform the way their citizens consume services is a powerful concept and one that appeals to visionary leaders around the world. We have developed a services catalogue of more than 100 services that can be used to generate new revenue streams for service providers and cities around the world.”- Wim Elfrink, executive vice president CISCO, Emerging Solutions and chief globalisation officer

The Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Company (in a project for 24 cities spanning six states in India), the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, and Striwyn Group Inc in Toronto, Canada, have all signed on to use the CISCO S+CC services. These services range in scope from creating a manufacturing and trading hub between cities through digital infrastructure to networked systems to improve healthcare, education, and e-government platforms.

CISCO also has a full line of market insertion solutions as well. These solutions range from healthcare, sports and entertainment, safety and security, to transportation and retail. These options help address issues that community developers face on a daily basis.

India’s RxDx, which is a multispecialty acute care health facility, is using the platforms to provide medical services to communities that otherwise would not have care. The CISCO HealthPresence solution connects RxDx to rural communities via High Definition video, audio, medical devices, and collaboration tools to provide secure and efficient communications.

Touch screen travel plazas that provide route information, destination information, route planning, ticket information, and a plethora of other information is being utilized by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City. There is an added benefit to the touchscreen On The Go! CISCO platform for communities as well, the ability to sell and embed advertisements to the touchscreen application. This can provide added revenue to cities in need of a financial infusion.

You can easily see why CISCO is on the forefront of emerging urban development programs. With their out-of-the box thinking and new technology there is not end to what the future may hold in terms of urban development programs.

Don’t miss keynote speaker Rick Huijbregts, VP, Business Development | Cisco Canada, at the BestOfAnalytics conference Tuesday April 24th, 2012. 

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